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“The Independence Party has a simple and straight forward platform. Our basic premise is that elected officials should be free to legislate and use common sense in governing, and shouldn’t be tied to a highly partisan social platform that fails to represent The People.

The Independence Party doesn’t take a position on controversial social issues; but candidates do, and they should be free to talk honestly to the American public and the voters of the state of New York without dictates from political leaders.

We understand with this will come criticism from the press and partisans. We stand steadfast in striving forward to provide the public with an alternative to the major political parties.” Chairman Frank MacKay 3/15/14

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The goal of the Independence Party is to establish a THIRD MAJOR PARTY in the country that does not take a stand on social issues.  Instead, we believe in creating a mechanism for centered and pragmatic leadership to replace the current system which fosters political extremism.

“The press doesn’t like it, the major parties don’t like it, but the People want it, “

– Chairman Frank MacKay.

A special thanks to all of our Independence Party leadership across the State, Party Members and Independence Party voters from all over this great State of New York for coming out to cast your votes on Election Day 2012.

Your votes demonstrated that we are a growing and ever more important Voice in the electorate.

A Message From Chairman Frank MacKay

In nation’s current state of political and economic dysfunction, there is a wave of finger-pointing going on.  The growing discontent is leading to what may be described as a populist uprising – the emergence of   “outsider” candidates running for public office, “Tea Party” protests and a grassroots groundswell for a leader that can solve the problems facing the country.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the People no longer believe that the two major parties, the Republicans and Democrats, can act in a bi-partisan way to reverse the current trend toward America’s financial insolvency, and its associated degradation of our healthcare system, our national employment prospects and infrastructural disrepair.

Independents know that our American form of democracy, the greatest in the world, can rationalize the need to engage in spirited debate and still find common ground without causing the kind of gridlock caused major party extremism.

The country, is after all, a big tent of ideas, innovations and competing visions.

And that is what the Independence Party of New York State is all about.

A true independent can speak to all sides; find compromise and hit the right tone for the benefit of the American people.

In other words, independents in Suffolk County may have different priorities or social views than self-described independents in New York City, Buffalo or Jamestown, but we can band together in the spirit of applying common sense solutions to addressing the state’s problems.  We can band together in the spirit of fostering competent and innovative leadership in Albany – just as we have witnessed centuries of American ingenuity applied to technology, inventiveness and business.  We can fix the dysfunction.

We must make New York State a business-friendly place that fosters job growth. Without jobs, we will continue to wallow in the reckless fiscal mess driven by years of high taxes and declining employment options in many parts of our state.

Small business is the heart and soul of New York’s tax base and they employ more New Yorkers than any other sector.

Small business owners are fiercely independent and understand the daily grind of having to balance budgets, innovate and find solutions.

I ask you to join us on this mission, support the Party and DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE TODAY.

Thank you for visiting our site.  Come back often, join us on Facebook and tell us what’s on your mind.

Chairman Frank MacKay
NYS Independence Party

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